Totally Happy So Far! – Procedure 11 Weeks Ago – Ardmore, PA


I am 5’8 inches and 38 years old. I have been overweight- obese most of the life since getting married and having a wonderful daughter. I recently lost 40 pounds with a 10% body fat drop. I am still trying to drop another 4% body fat to reach 24% and be in the athletic range and not just “normal”.
I did a ton of reading and went for a consult for cool sculpting, while there they said if I wanted it done they had an availability then and there. There was really no reason to wait as all the questions I had were perfectly answered. I had the procedure done on April 25th, 11 weeks ago. I haven’t been able to get back to the office for my 2 month appointment for updated pictures so i have none to share, but I will share my experience up until this point.
Day 1 4-25 – procedure on my abdomen – small applicator on each of the front sides – total cost $1400
my left abdomen was a little more sensitive than the right abdomen so it felt a lot cooler. The initial application was pinching for about 30 seconds and cool for about 5 minutes with some pinching on the left.
Afterward they massaged the areas to get rid of the clump of reddened skin (stick of butter like area)
My abdominal area had some mild tenderness that evening but no trouble sleeping.

DAY 1-3 post procedure
I continued my daily activities including going to my exercise class, lifting, and running
had some itching start on Day 3
Day 5 I had some cramping begin with the itching – some moments worse than others, but never anything that kept me awake or kept me from continuing my normal activities. I did take some motrin on occasion, but nothing stronger.
The cramping and itching was more annoying than painful.
Day 6 post- It was kind of from a cramping feeling to a stinging feeling that was intermittent, but not continuous, but still able to work, workout, lift, and do my usual activities.
Day 7 the small amount of swelling started going down.
Day 9 the stinging sensation was less frequent.
Day 11 the stinging was about gone completely but still had itching which lasted until about Day 15- Day 16.
I had had an inch drop from my hips and waist and another % body fat drop by 1 month.
I am noticing a difference in how my clothes look on me. I don’t see that protrusion in my abdominal area that was there before and I haven’t even reached the 4 month optimal results mark. I actually don’t mind wearing a bathing suit. Normally I have trouble finding one that the bottom fits over my complete pouch, this year I didn’t have to worry about that. My abdomen probably needs another treatments, but I am COMPLETELY happy with what has happened so far and am looking forward to maybe getting my love handles done in August. WORTH IT!!!!
I didn’t have a lot of pain, more annoyance and never once was I unable to sleep.
My physician was wonderful and very helpful. He even had the procedure on himself so he had a better understanding of the patient. I wasn’t thrilled about my sitting conditions, not so comfy for 2 hours of sitting, but otherwise happy overall!