How I lost 10 inches Off My Waist in Less Than 9 days – Without Surgery!

My friends told me it wasn’t possible, but I dropped 4 dress sizes in less than 2 weeks and feel better than I did 20 years ago. They saw my results and now they’re begging me to share my metabolism-boosting weight loss secret.

I absolutely HATE scammy weight-loss promises and fad-diet gimmicks. Which is why I was completely shocked when – what I thought was a fad-diet scheme – actually worked. And kept working even after I went back to my normal eating habits.

So far I’ve only told a couple of close friends about how I did it, but one of my girlfriends asked me to share my story here hoping it would help other women like me make a dramatic weight loss change – the safe and healthy way.

I abhor all those kitschy trend diets, so for the first time I’m sharing my weight loss journey so other women know it’s possible to boost your metabolism naturally and lose stubborn fat without a magic pill. Hopefully my story will help and inspire you so you can get back to feeling like the confident, sexy superwoman you are.

Don’t waste another second starving yourself or being disappointed with what you see in the mirror. Please, I beg you, read my story and take back your body!

I promise you that if I can do it – a formerly-overweight, unathletic mom of 3 with a desk job – then you can too. It’s easier than you think!

It started as a 9 day “test” – 2 months later, I’ve kept the weight off easily and have SO much energy!

I’ve never been one for gimmicks, and always roll my eyes every time one of my girlfriends tells me about her new fad-diet plan. Outside of becoming a one-week-vegetarian to support my teenage daughter’s latest food obsession, I’ve never really bought in to any particular way of eating.

My perspective has always been that you should eat as many “real” foods as possible, try to avoid too much processed junk, and your body will take care of the rest.

But a mysterious and unexpected phenomenon happened. Something that I thought could never happen to me.

I turned 40. And so did my love handles.

I found myself with an extra 30 pounds that I could just NOT get rid of – no matter how many slices of pizza I turned down or chocolate cravings I fought tooth and nail to ignore. And with 3 kids and a full-time job I felt like hitting the gym during the week just wasn’t an option. Besides, I’ve never really been one to work out very hard. A busy and hectic life felt like a workout all on its own!

So when friend of mine started raving about this 30 day miracle program she was on, I figured at this point it was at least worth checking out. I approached with a skeptical mind, wary of gimmicks and wrinkling my nose at the idea of “fast loss” as she called it.

But I had to admit – she did look like she had lost a ton of belly fat. I figured anything that worked THAT well had to be a scam, and that if she lost any weight at all it was probably water weight.

After I did a bit of research I saw that other people were reporting sustainable, long-term results, and felt great on the same program. When I saw that they had a 9 day starter program, I decided to give it a whirl. Their website said they had a 30 day money-back guarantee anyway, so I figured if I didn’t see results I’d just force them to give my money back.

To be honest, the turning point for me was when my husband made an off-hand comment about an old picture of us – and it wasn’t the kind of comment that makes a woman feel like she could slip back into her old prom dress.

That was it for me. At this point I was ready to take the risk and wanted to make a dramatic change. After all – it was only 2 weeks and they had a guarantee. So if it didn’t work, then I’d know right away and wouldn’t lose too much time or money messing with it. I figured at the very least it would give me a boost to kickstart some healthy changes.

So I took a chance, and committed to trying it just for the 9 days. I couldn’t believe what happened after that first week! I never in my wildest dreams thought I would see such a dramatic change.

Now I’m more than 30 days in and promised my girlfriends that I’d share my secret of how I dropped almost 4 dress sizes FAST. I figured if I was going to write it all down, there must be other women like me that would be interested in doing their homework and losing stubborn fat the RIGHT way. And by that, I mean the sustainable, healthy, and gimmick-free way.

So ladies – this one’s for the busy mom’s and the women who never want to hear about how “you were so skinny!” 20 years ago when the old photo album surfaces at parties.

Here’s the healthy, not-so-secret way I lost 10 inches off my waist in less than 2 weeks, and have kept if off for almost 2 months now. You should do your own research as well, but I’ll quickly cover how it works, and then tell you what I liked (and what I didn’t like!) about this fat-loss program.

Here’s my personal review of the Isagenix 9 Day Fat Loss Kickstart Program

It’s going to sound like every other fad diet you’ve heard of, but bear with me. This is way more sustainable and natural than 99% of similar programs I’ve found. And I’ve done A LOT of research.

The program uses a combo of “shake days” and “cleanse days” to break up and flush out stubborn fat, then re-fuel and get you the nutrition you need. All the while satisfying cravings and making you feel satiated and full.

Sound too good to be true?
I thought so too – until I tried it for myself.

Now a couple of notes, I adjusted the program to fit with my busy schedule, so I changed my “cleanse days” to match the days I was off of work. On those days I drank way more water than normal.

I won’t get into the full science behind how this program works – you can take a look on their website and look into it yourself – but I’ll share how everything tasted and how it worked for me. I’ll also share what I DIDN’T like about the program.

The good news first – Here’s what I liked about the Isagenix weight loss program

So to be clear – this program works by using a combination of using gentle cleansing solutions that are designed to flush out stubborn fat, and then eating snacks and drinks that are scientifically-engineered to boost your metabolism and give you tons of energy.

Here’s what I liked about it:

#1: The Shakes Tasted Great
I have tried shakes like these before, and one thing I really liked is that these ones are DEFINITELY the best-taking weight loss shakes I’ve ever had. The chocolate one wasn’t sickeningly sweet or fake tasting – my daughter likes this one best and says it tastes like chocolate malt balls. I personally like the vanilla one. They also have a dairy free option if you have lactose sensitivity.

#2: I Actually Felt Full and Satisfied
I really liked how it made me feel satisfied and full – which was important for me because I HATE dieting. But I never felt like I was depriving myself of nutrition, and it felt extra good to feel full AND still see nice muscle tone appearing after the first week.

#3: I Felt A Big Difference During The Cleanse
The “Cleanse for Life” product they give you for “cleanse days” is what surprised me the most. I thought this was going to be absolutely horrible, but surprisingly, it was just like berry kool-aid and you only drink 4 ounces of it a few times throughout the day. I’ll be honest – for someone who doesn’t really believe in “detoxing” – it did make me feel really ‘clean’ and like my body was working a lot more efficiently to digest food.

#4: Dark Chocolate Snacks
Another add-on that’s important to mention. I ordered the “Isadelight” snacks and absolutely recommend getting them if you’re going to try this out for yourself. They’re like indulging in a dark chocolate treat, and you can actually eat up to 8 of them a day!
– Pro tip: hide them if you have kids or they’ll be gone in a second.

#5: The Extra Boosts
I also tried out their mood-boosting “Ionix drink” (which looks disgusting), but tasted like a strawberry-banana juice. I am always freezing so I really liked that I could warm this up and drink it hot in the morning. But my friend puts it in her vanilla shake and says it tastes great in there as well.

Another extra add-on I liked was their “Natural Accelerator.” It’s a fat-burning formula made from all-natural ingredients such as cayenne pepper and green tea which is supposed to support thermogenesis. I’m not sure exactly how it works but I really felt like it boosted my metabolism and sped up my results.

Now there were a couple things I didn’t like which I think are important to mention…

Make sure this is right for you!

Here’s what you need to know BEFORE you buy any Isagenix products to lose fat:

#1: Cold Shakes
Like I said, I’m always freezing, so I was hoping I could drink the shakes warmed up like hot chocolate. But they are DEFINITELY better cold. Personally, I’d rather have something I can drink hot, but if you’re okay drinking a cold milkshake then this probably won’t bother you.

#2: Eating Out
One other thing that was difficult was getting together with people socially in the first week. I never realized how much my social time revolved around food! A tip – change normal lunch or dinner plans to coffee dates instead. You’ll be much less tempted to cheat, and won’t have to do any explaining to friends if you don’t want to.

#3: Lack of Foodie Adventures
The other thing I didn’t like was that I got REALLY bored after the first week. I am a die-hard foodie so was missing all of my favorite indulgences after about 6 days. This is a big reason why I started with the 9 day program first.

Although I have to admit, after I saw such great results it was pretty motivating to keep going. I’ll have to be honest though, I did “cheat” a few times when I couldn’t stand it any longer (luckily it didn’t seem to have too much of an impact or stall my fat loss too badly.)

My husband says I’m being a whiner since these are really just about me having lack of self control 😛 – but I wanted to mention them so anyone looking to try this program has the full story. If you’re like me, you want to have all the facts before committing to anything – even just for 9 days.

If you’re willing to try it out a little longer – go for the 30 day program. I’m doing it for the 2nd time now and find it WAY easier to follow when I just went all-in for the full month.

Would I recommend trying the Isagenix fat loss program?

Alright, verdict time…

I’m not going to try and convince you to try out this program. Everyone is different and you know what’s right for your body. What I CAN say is that this worked for me, and I’m a huge skeptic so it’s worth at least doing a little homework and seeing if it’s a good fit for you.

I’d say start with the 9 day program if you’re unsure, or if you really want to commit and go for a dramatic change then opt for their full 30 day program. It’s designed for busy women who want to lose weight fast, and keep it off long term.

They have a 30-day return policy listed on their website, so you can always get the bigger program and try it out risk free if you’re not sure.

Personally – Overall I felt full and had tons of energy during the whole process. I NEVER thought I would be able to lose my stubborn fat without either starving myself, or killing myself in the gym. So to see such a dramatic difference in less than 2 weeks – any of the cons I mentioned above were far outweighed by the benefits.

I also really liked how all of their products are backed up scientists, dietitians and clinical studies. I’m very conscious about what I put into my body so I did my research before trying this out.

Turns out they have an entire scientific advisory board made up of industry leaders who are committed to making sure the products (and the company) live up to their claims, and also offer safe and naturally-based weight loss solutions. You can learn more about their clinical studies and scientific backing on their website.

My Advice? Don’t take my word for it – Use the money-back guarantee to try it for yourself

I can’t speak for everyone, but I CAN share my own results.

I’m not an expert, and I have to admit I cheated a couple of times during the program – so you might have completely different results if you stick with it strictly.

In terms of my own personal experience – I lost 10 inches off my waist when I did the 9 day program, but I also used the Natural Accelerator metabolism booster, and the Ionix Drink mood-booster.

My advice? Try it out for yourself and see what happens!

They have a 30 day money-back guarantee listed on their website, so you can always return the products if you change your mind.

The biggest program – the 30 day system – is around $300. Which is the same as my spa and gym membership (which I never even use). The 9 day cleanse is around $200. Honestly though, I would have paid double or even triple for the results I got. Especially because the results were not a quick fix, and the weight has stayed off long term.

Before I tried the program I looked into other options and saw that a surgical procedure can cost up to $10,000 – so to me the Isagenix program is great value. If you’ve ever looked into getting a tummy tuck or liposuction, you know this is an absolute steal.

To try it out for yourself, go directly to the Isagenix website here and ONLY order directly from the manufacturer.

The reason you ONLY want to order the program from Isagenix directly is that I’ve heard of people getting ripped off when they try to order through Amazon (apparently some sellers buy expired product in bulk to try and sell it at a discount). Plus – if you buy from anywhere else you don’t get the 30 day money-back guarantee. So I recommend only buying through the Isagenix website to make sure you get the real deal.

So in my opinion? You have a few options here:

  1. You can try some fad diet that may work short term, but won’t keep the fat off long term.
  2. You can make yourself crazy sweating hours in the gym or starving yourself eating bunny food.
  3. Or you can take advantage of an easy risk-free program with a money-back guarantee, and at least learn more or test out this program that worked for me.

You know what works best for your lifestyle and your body – so just make the best choice that’s right for you.

You can get the Isagenix weight loss program DIRECTLY from the real manufacturer here.