The Top 5 Hottest Trends in Body Sculpting This Year


Body sculpting is not a new concept. People have been nipped and tucked and lifted and lipo’ed for decades. However, as technology progresses, body sculpting is as quick and painless as it has ever been. People are getting sculpted in as little as a lunch hour and are going back to work because many of the treatments require zero downtime! Check out this year’s hottest body sculpting trends.


Hollywood’s hottest new trend! If you haven’t already heard of this before, then you surely will start hearing about it soon. CoolSculpting has skyrocketed in popularity over the past couple of years, and it’s only going to rise for the foreseeable future. It has quickly become the world’s #1 non-invasive fat reduction treatment. CoolSculpting treats the stubborn areas that diet and exercise can’t get rid of. This FDA approved, safe and effective treatment is all the rave with stars such as the Kardashians.

CoolSculpting works by targeting fat cells and freezing them. The frozen fat cells die, and your body naturally removes them. It does all this with zero downtime, making it a no-brainer for busy people!

Butt Lift/Implants

Having a bigger and more voluptuous booty is one of Hollywood’s biggest trends right now. For women who can’t get there naturally, there are alternative ways that can get them there! One being the ever-popular Brazilian butt lift seen in magazines across the globe. However, there are a couple different paths that you can take!

There are two different types of implants that can be placed: gel silicone and water-based. Water-based has gained more popularity as it is a safer and less likely to cause lumps and infection.

The second option is a butt lift, more commonly called a Brazilian butt lift. This procedure uses liposuction to take fat from one or more areas of the body and inject it into the butt cheeks and outer hips.


Imagine being able to literally melt away stubborn body fat in less than a half hour! With new technology, you can do just that! SculpSure is another hot, new-to-the-market, fat reducing procedure. This FDA approved, safe treatment uses laser technology to heat and kill fat cells. The body then naturally processes and eliminates the cells. This new technology is non-invasive and takes very little time, less than a half hour!


Want more flawless looking facial features? You’re not alone! Fuller lips and voluminous cheeks has all the stars going crazy! Some give credit to Kylie Jenner for this sizzling fad. She has admitted to using the Juvederm filler to get fuller lips. However, Juvederm offers assistance to more than just lips! It also helps correct facial wrinkles, facial folds, and cheek volume.

The injectable is FDA approved and can be done in a brief office visit.


Wanting tight, youthful looking skin is nothing new. With Ultherapy, you can tighten and lift your skin without surgery or downtime! It is a safe, FDA-cleared procedure that uses ultrasound energy to lift and tighten. Women are using Ultherapy to lift skin on their eyebrows, under their chin, and on their neck. It also is used to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the chest and cleavage area.

Modern technology has opened the door to a whole new world of body sculpting. From shedding the fat to getting a bigger booty, you can now get the body you want in no time!