Great Results, Be Patient – New York, NY


I am a 43 year old woman, relatiively fit, healthy and with the bellyfat which makes me kinda crazy since it won't budge with diet and exercise. I didin't want to do the traditional liposuction since it is so aggressive and expensive. I came upon the Cool Sculpting and decided to go ahead with it.

Many reviewers spoke of the procedure being painful but I did not experience anything more than slight discomfort, especially after the initial suction of the fat into the applicator, which was somewhat shocking and took my breath away for a moment. After that passed I layed in the clean and warm room reading my book and even took a nap. So overall, the office experience was fantastic.

Afterwards, the abdomen was numb and tingly to the touch for maybe two months, it was really minimal and I didn't feel any sensations unless I touched the area. There was also minor bruising but nothing to write home about. That eventually passed and I was fine. At the same time that this process was working, I was also exercising and dieting, I was very motivated since exercise and diet didn't reduce the bellyfat at all before.

The procedure was done in August so it's over the three month period. I have thrown away all my old jeans and bought ones 2 sizes smaller! And, I feel like the reduction is still progressing. So I say, be patient, for some of us, it really can take longer than 3 months. I'm really happy I had this done. It was cost effective, didn't impose upon my life or work schedule (I went to work the next day with no pain).

I have to admit that the pics I'm posting are not as dramatic as I see myself in the mirror. I look way better in jeans and feel more confident and yes, younger!!!!

Name: Olga6152

Age: 43