40yo Mommy with 2 Children, Both by C-section with a Flap of Fat Hanging, You Other Mommies Know What I Am Talking About! – CA


I have always had stubborn belly fat since my kids, and especially that part that hangs over like a flap from the c-sections. With my busy lifestyle a tummy tuck was out of the question considering the down time it brings. I have recently lost weight and was eating healthy, so I chose to invest into coolsculpting. Since my treatments I have noticed a tremendous decrease in my stomach! In fact I was extremely pleased with my results that I have since has a second round of treatment on my stomach. I did experience some soreness and discomfort, yet was able to maintain a normal routes of work and exercise.
I highly recomend Coolsculpting!!!

Name: Sassy_81

Age: 40