37 Years Old – Stubborn Belly and Inner Thigh Fat – Tualatin, OR


It has been eight days since I had Coolsculpting done on my lower abdomen and inner thighs. I have a desk job and don’t get to work out as much as I’d like but I am in pretty good shape other than my stubborn areas. I am 5’4 and weigh about 123 pounds. The small applicator was used on all treatment areas. The first five minutes were painful but nothing that you can’t handle. Each area takes an hour so be prepared as it is time consuming. The massage at the end of the treatment is really the worst part of the whole ordeal. It feels like cramping and just plain funky. Overall the treatment isn’t bad and I read through it all. After the treatment I was sore, almost as if I had been at the gym and had worked those areas hard. The next couple of days I was still sore and the areas were still numb. Around day three the pain started to get a little worse and went downhill from there. By the weekend I was in quite a bit of pain. I spent almost all of my time in bed with an ice pack and Biofreeze within reach. Both really help and I recommend that you have both on hand just in case. By day seven I couldn’t take the pain anymore and called my Dr. They called in a prescription for a muscle relaxer and a nerve blocker. I started on both yesterday and while I still feel some pain in my abdomen, it is nothing like it was. I can actually function now rather than wanting to curl into a ball and stay in bed. Do not hesitate to contact your Dr. and ask for help. I like to think I am brave when it comes to pain but this was constant, every moment of the day I was in pain and it takes a toll. As for results, it is too early to tell as I am still quite swollen. This is normal so I am not yet making any judgement as to whether or not it is worth it. I will be sure to report back with updates. The reason I am posting all of this now is to let people know it can be extremely painful so be aware and be proactive. Have Biofreeze and ice packs on hand. Again, do not hesitate to contact your Dr. for medication.

Name: Alcedines

Age: 37

Location: Tualatin, OR